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Ah, Eggrolls... Submitted by: lisa_ferber
New York, New York, United States

While it is true that I crave truffle oil on just about everything, and I’ll cook fish in white wine and lime juice any chance I get, there is no greater all-purpose evening-at-home food than The Eggroll. Crispy, filling, self-contained, chewy, savory, and a welcome conduit for one of the greatest liquids on Earth, soy sauce.
Sometimes I’m lying around at home, kicking back, or about to delve into a personal project, and I just don’t feel like cooking…I might barely even feel like eating, but my body needs something. And that is where this perfect, so-easy-to-eat mini-meal comes in. The place I order from offers free sesame noodles with a 10-dollar delivery, which means the smart thing to do is order 5 eggrolls at once…oftentimes with some steamed pork dumplings, which are not exactly a bad thing either. And while I’m not going to eat 5 eggrolls in one night, just knowing they’re there in my fridge for the next time I feel like kicking back and enjoying a quiet evening at home without having to see if it’s time to flip a hamburger or check if the broth of my quinoa has evaporated provides me that little sense of comfort and security. Eggrolls, you perfect little bits of multi-textured goodness, I salute you.