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Submit Your Food Photo or Food Memory

We invite all users to get involved in two ways:

  • By uploading photos of distinct regional foods and drinks around the world. Show us where you’ve been and what regional foods and drinks you’ve found, or share a photo of a dish or drink that’s essential to your culture’s cuisine—and tell us what makes it special. File size limit: 5 MB.
  • By writing short Food Memories, personal stories about food. We want to learn all about the world’s culinary traditions, and know that stories about food, whether set in a faraway land or your grandmother’s kitchen, convey the most sense of place. Tell us your Food Memory, in 400 words or less.

Participation is free and on a volunteer basis (NOT paid!); you just need an email address to submit. All photos and stories must be approved by EYW admin before it appears on the site.

Before you upload a photo:

Please be sure you’re adding a photo of a regional food or drink—one that is native, traditional, or locavore (see “Category” below for more details) to the area from which it came. If a dish’s regional value is not obvious, convince us in the description box! Only pictures from restaurants or other vendors will be approved—no home-cooked meals—as we want other users to be able to find the exact same dish you’re sharing. We reserve the right to reject any photos that don’t meet this criteria. For photo-taking tips, check out our FAQ.

Tips for Food Memories:

  • Think of a story related to food that is funny, surprising, or insightful. Think of meals—strange, amazing, unexpected—you shared in other cultures, and what you learned from the experience. Or foods you ate growing up in your own culture—how have those traditions shaped you? Or tell us about the most mind-blowingly delicious thing you’ve ever eaten in the name of culinary adventure.
  • Write a story with a beginning and an end. 400 words isn’t a lot, so be concise! And be as descriptive as you can without using a photo.
  • Have fun with it! This can be as simple as a food-related anecdote you’d share with friends when you return from a trip. The best stories are those that flow naturally.

Add a Food Photo

You can also drag the marker on the map to change the location.

You can also drag the marker on the map to change the location.