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Location: Jackson Heights, New York, US
Twitter: eat_your_world
I am the co-founder of Eat Your World and also love to participate with user uploads from my travels and from my hometown of NYC. Nothing makes me happier than finding cheap, local dishes that I can share with people.

Top 3 countries for food:
Spain, Italy, Mexico

Dream food destination:

Best food from hometown:
NYC pizza!


Food Photos

Food Memories

  • Pizza Hut in New Orleans

    New Orleans, LA
    When I was 10 my parents bought a van and our family of five drove around the country. My parents had created a system where each family member got to decide where we ate for dinner each night (a...   

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  • Bangkok Heat

    Bangkok, Thailand
    It was practically a hundred and fifty degrees out that day in Bangkok. But that isn’t what made me sweat. It was the Thai soup sold on the street that I was trying painfully to put down. I...   

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