Where to Eat (and Drink) Well in ... Times Square

Laura Siciliano-Rosen
December 3, 2018

View of Times Square, NYC, facing 42nd St. and the New Year's ball

Everyone will tell you: Don’t eat in Times Square; it’s all touristy overpriced nonsense. And there is some of that, sure. But there are also plenty of spots that are not that—at least 26 of them, by our count. And you really ought to know about them.

Although New Yorkers may say they don’t eat in this area, inevitably they do—lots of us work in or around the area, or attend the occasional Broadway show or other event that requires a trip here. And a visitor to NYC really can’t escape it. Nor should they—everyone coming to New York has to see Times Square!

Thankfully, it’s not the food wasteland it’s purported to be (and indeed used to be). But it IS always crowded. And...

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